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We, at TARA, are committed to fostering social and ecological justice through transformative change supported by action-research



TARA comprises a team of consultants with proven expertise in research writing, policy advocacy, campaign management, and empowering teams to promote sustainable development. We build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits.


Latest Projects


Fellowship with GenderCC

As a young feminist and climate justice activist, Shradha, as a research fellow with GenderCC will be participating in webinars for knowledge sharing about women and feminists in the forefront of climate change. She has been provided a grant for making a short film ("women rising") on the climate resilience work of NGOs in Kerala.


Transforming Self, Transforming Society

An educational workshop

Transforming Self, Transforming Society is an exploration of our potential for co-creation that allows for the development of the individual and the transformation of the community/society that one belongs to. 

This workshop, already offered in different countries and contexts, facilitates an inquiry into oneself—one’s deepest urges for a more fulfilling life and one’s fears and conditioning—as well as a critical examination of contemporary urban society, which is driven by techno-capitalistic forces. 


Recent Writings

Climate Change: A ray of hope?

Abstract: This article examines the causes for and the global impact of “Fridays for Future” movement and presents a succinct analysis of the current status of climate change. Accepting the possibility of social and environmental collapse in the near future, it then psychologically analyses the human potential for hope and action given the imminent catastrophe. 

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