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Training Programs

Organizational development

We help organizations to gain clarity on their founding or current aim and purpose, designing strategies and fostering organizational culture to achieve their aim. We can specifically help at the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of organizational processes in the following areas:  

  1. Establishing Organizational Vision, Values, and Operational Principles

  2. Effective Organizational Culture

  3. Evaluation of Organization

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Team Work

Experiential learning is our key method to everyone to achieve their full potential within a team. We help individuals to work together as a team by developing fundamental skills of communication (including giving and receiving feedback), cooperation, integration of diverse styles, leadership, and evaluation of team performance for continual improvement. Our team work training program includes tools such as:

  1. Systematic approaches to successful cooperation on projects and tasks

  2. Value-based leadership development

  3. Problem solving

Project Design and Management

Designing projects and implementing tasks are at the heart of all work in organizations. This training program helps one to design, implement, monitor and evaluate projects. It includes tools such as:

  1. Project design and management

  2. Project and task delivery

  3. Process evaluation for improvement