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Bindu Mohanty

Bindu Mohanty is a sustainability consultant based in Auroville. She has a doctorate from the California Institute of Integral Studies and a diploma in environmental management from the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment. As a consultant, she has worked in the fields of rural development—women’s empowerment, social development, and children’s education in the villages of Auroville; waste management —campaigns, policy advocacy and research and training manuals in India; policy advocacy for climate justice as well as environmental and social assessment of development projects in the Asia Pacific region. In Auroville, she serves this unique international community by working in the sectors of organic agriculture, food security, and governance.
She is passionate about promoting social justice and ecological sustainability in a globalized world and believes that social change needs to be paralleled by a radical transformation of the individual.

Shradha Shreejaya

Shradha Shreejaya is a graduate in Biochemistry and has a masters in Ecology and Environmental Sciences. Her previous work areas have been in national environmental policies, waste management and sanitation in Tamil Nadu, zero waste and climate action in Kerala. She has worked for the Climate Justice program at Asia Pacific Forum on Women, Law and Development, and was the founding member of Women in Conservation and Climate Action Network (WICCAN). She continues as the founding campaigner at the Sustainable Menstruation Kerala Collective and working on community led interventions, gender and human rights inclusive policy analyses and learning, in projects that work on social equity and sustainability and ecosystem approaches.